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Diverse Electronic Components for Every Need

At USBid, we understand diverse and complex demands of today’s technological landscape.

Electronic Component Product Families

We offer an extensive range of electronic components and semiconductor product families, each designed to meet the unique requirements of various industries. From high-performance CPUs and memory chips for cutting-edge computing to power management ICs and sensors for energy efficiency, our broad portfolio ensures tailored solutions for applications across automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, aerospace and beyond.

The brains of modern computing devices.

Storing data for quick access.

Efficient control of electrical power.

Detecting changes in environment or systems.

Embedded control in electronic applications.

Boosting signal strength in circuits.

Converting and processing continuous signals.

Managing digital information and data.

Utilizing light in electronic systems.

Enabling wireless communication and signaling.

Visual interfaces for devices.

The main circuit board in computers.

Enhancing computer functionality and control.

Powering modern mobile communication devices.

Enabling connection between computing devices.

Dozens of Trusted Suppliers. Millions of Parts.

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