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Combating Counterfeit Components with Digital Microscopes

Combating Counterfeit Components with Digital Microscopes

USBid is committed to providing clients with authentic products. Vigilance is important in combating the problem of counterfeit electronic components. AAA Test Lab employs several methods to ensure products are inspected for authenticity.

Visual inspection is the fastest and oldest way to detect counterfeit parts. One of the tools USBid uses in the AAA Test Lab to test electronic components is the Keyence VHX-950F Digital Microscope. Digital microscopy is ideal for analysis and documentation of parts. This microscope allows AAA Test Lab to view a component from any angle without having to manipulate it by hand. The Keyence VHS-950F Digital Microscope has the ability to create fully focused images by compiling images at different planes. That composite image helps AAA Test Lab verify that the components are authentic. Point and click interfacing means precise measurements are made on the microscope. This data is then stored with an image file so results can be shared.

When AAA Test Lab is examining a component with the Keyence VHX-950 Digital Microscope they look for scratches, bent leads/pins, signs and traces of alteration or other defects at a microscopic level. The images obtained by using the digital microscope of the inspected sample can be examined side by side next to an authentic component to prove authenticity.

In the fight against counterfeit circuits the Keyence VHS-950F Digital Microscope is a valuable weapon. AAA Test Lab uses digital microscopy along with an array of the most up to date equipment to detect substandard electronic components. They are staffed with engineers and technicians that are experts in component testing and participate in continuous training programs to utilize the industry’s most recent standards.

At USBid we strive to provide our clients with quality products that are authentic and to protect them from the growing risk of counterfeit parts.

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